Aegis Detailing delivers world-class detailing to Manila.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to restore your vehicle’s original glory.

From our 5 star rated facility in Dublin, CA.

We are a world class full-service Auto Detailing Concierge Facility.

Aegis Detailing CEO Jason is a master detailer from California, USA. He has worked on almost all types of vehicles through the years delivering 100% batting average to customer satisfaction. His passion, knowledge in detailing and attention to customer care is par to none.

Aegis Detailing California, USA

Aegis Detailing Philippines has successfully penetrated the Philippine automotive detailing industry and will soon be expanding to key locations throughout the country.

What started from home garage has now evolved to a 20,000 square feet detailing facility. Aegis Detailing CA is now ranked five stars and has become one of the best in Northern California.

Aegis Detailing Manila
Opened its doors to the Philippine market to test if they would be receptive to a higher level of restoration detailing compared to a normal car wash. Visit our booking office at 1232 United Nations Ave. Paco City, Manila (Inside Suzuki U. N).

Aegis Detailing Alabang
Due to popular demand and the overwhelming reception of car owners in the Philippines, Aegis Detailing Philippines designed & constructed the country’s 1st world class detailing facility. You can find us at Alabang Auto Exchange Compound, Manila Doctors Village Drive, Las Piñas City.

Aegis Detailing Quezon City
Soon to rise!

Aegis Detailing Alabang


I have never seen a paint protection more Glossy than this! Aegis is legit to both old and new cars! Wow! I’m awed! Thank you for your services! Highly recommended to everyone thinking of paint protecting their vehicles! 😎👌

Ryan Garchitorena Yllana

So I’m getting a ton of questions now about driving in ash fall and how to clean your car after.

Firstly, driving. Treat it like heavy rain. Continue to drive only while visibility is acceptable and avoid any unnecessary trips. Leave the roads clear for those who really need to use them. You can use your wipers but it really does depend on the amount of ash. And if it’s mixed with rain. Because that will create a mud effect and will definitely cause micro scratches on your windscreen. But remember, safety before vanity. You can always have your windscreen buffed back to normal. Harder to do that with humans.

Washing the car:
For this I spoke to my favorite detailing shop, Aegis Detailing Alabang and asked the owner Jason, who is a lot of experience with this. He simplified it by saying, never, ever, use a dry cloth or sponge directly. You must use a high pressure hose to get all the sand ash off because that will wreak havoc with your paint and leave horrible swirl marks.

Once you have blasted the ash off, then you can begin washing as normal. But if you are as OC as me, you can leave it until it all settles and then bring it for a professional job and get a glass or ceramic coating to put an extra layer of protection.

For those who have driven during the ash for extended periods, it’s a good idea to change your air filter.

That’s it for now. Stay safe, folks, and if you have any more tips, put em in the comments box so we can help each other out.

James Deakin

Side mirror of my car got hit by a truck! Not a single scratch. Big thanks to you guys! 😲🙏🏼👍🏼 They even put another coat just to make sure. Thats what lifetime warranty is all about. Even my bike looks brand new all the time. Proven and tested! Sulit na sulit! More power to you! Dont just take my word for it… experience it!

Jay Casiller

Words are not enough to express my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to both Jason T Lei Yee and Marcus Dela Cruz and the staff of Aegis Detailing you guys are simply the best!

Aegis Detailing Alabang is like a Car Heaven!

My 2020 Toyota Camry was intentionally vandalized with scratches done by people who hates shiny and beautiful cars, it had 2 scratch lines both about 2.5 feet long on the hood, about 4 inch long scratch on the passenger door and the trunk had two scratches each an inch long.. the good thing is I had it glass coated at Aegis when it was brandnew using Atom 6 about 4 months ago so the scratches was not able go that deep into the paint.. Thanks to Atom 6!!

Aegis worked their magic and scratches disappeared to thin air.. not just that.. they re did the whole car paint correction and coating and its like brand new again!

The best part of it.. it is part of their Lifetime warranty therefore i did not have to spend a single dime.


Michael Dela Paz

Very professional. My expectations were all granted and more. Nice place, nice showroom. It’s a perfect place to leave your car and not worry about the quality of the work and your car at all. Just expect to get it in excellent brand new worthy condition. Thank you very much Aegis!

Ronald Nunez

Glass coating at it’s finest. Second to none! Their product (Atom 6) is good as advertised. You will definitely get your money’s worth (and more) with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to boot. Excellent customer service. Jason and his team are definitely above the rest.

Mannix Litton

Been looking for awhile for a complete detailing shop with a pedigree for my BMW X5. Found a gem with Aegis. They provided top-notch exterior “Atom coat”, Interior – Engine and under-belly detailing for my car…thru it all, the “soul” of the experience is the client-friendly atmosphere of the shop and the professionalism/expertise of the master detailer/owner Jason T Lei Yee. U can bet all-in with Aegis Detailing Alabang for sure!

Vince Villareal, Your Content Goes Here

Had my car coated a couple of months ago. My first test was in one of my trips, bird $h1+ was on the roof. My expectation was I knew it would come of but with either a pressure washer or wipe it off with a towel or rag. On the way back, it rained hard but what I was surprised with was when I got home and ready to clean it, the drops were gone. Satisfied customer here!

Alvin Tabug

I’ve tried most of the ceramic coating, diamond coating ETC in metro Manila. This one is way beyond all of them. I’ve seen how they take care of your car. It’s how the car is prepared before coating not the coating itself. That’s the reason why the coating stays and protects your car.
Life Time Warranty!

Best in the industry!!😊

Oscar Ofiana Jr

Detailing at its finest.

Booking is easy but the wait is long. This is what it takes to deliver quality and it is evident by the long waitlist. Their dedication and attention to detail is superb.

After receiving my car, all i can say is “Wow!” Ever since then, my car has always looked pristine. And it takes no effort. It is therefore not hard to refer anyone to Aegis because I know that they will always satisfy their clients.

Cheers to everyone in the team and Thank you!

Edward Hernandez

Thanks Aegis detailing team for doing an immaculate job on my car. Not a single swirl or water mark seen on my car’s paint after the coating. Jason is so hands on with the work they do. Definitely a 5 star service from a 5 star shop! Would highly recommend this shop to anyone who wants to have their car coated.

Ryan Tan

It has been almost a year since I had my cars detailed and coated with Atom6 2.0 and I have to say, this is the best investment you can have done on your car. My cars always look as if they’re fresh from the showroom floor. Their attention to detail is spectacular and the lifetime warranty makes it even more worth it. Aegis knows what they’re doing and is the best in the detailing business here in Manila. All the best to Jason and his team.

Jeff Bote

Unbelievable attention to detail. From the immaculate facility that speaks of the level of commitment to quality, to the finish product. My wife said the facility was cleaner than any hospital and feels like my car was truly in a spa to get TLC.

Atom6 2.0 is just worlds apart from its competitors. Ive tried quite a few other brands, but truly this is just different. The smoothness, shin and reflection on the surface is quite remarkable. If that werent enough, its guaranteed for life!

Thank you Aegis! One very satisfied customer here. Will be back soon!

Vince Lozano

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