You have chosen “ATOM6” Carbon Composite Coating,

a true diamond level paint protection coating exclusively designed and developed by Aegis Detailing, California USA.

“ATOM6” Carbon Composite Coating was designed to deliver 5x harder, stronger, and shinier surface coating than any ceramic level coating in the world.

Normal ceramic level coating provides 9h pencil hardness, “ATOM6” Carbon Composite Coating was develop to achieve 12h surface coating pencil hardness.

This will provide you with true resistance to swirls, scratches, and accidental impacts protecting your vehicle’s surface.

ATOM6″ Carbon Composite Coating also provides that extreme shine and gloss bringing out the true color depth and contrast as well as all the HYDROPHOBIC properties for the life of your vehicle.

  • Never Wax Again

  • Permanent Shine

  • Hydophobic

  • Impervious to all contaminants

  • True Scratch Resistant

  • Temperature Resist upto 1,000° F

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